Thursday, 6 February 2014

step by step wordpress install for beginners with video and images

Are you fresher/beginners for Wordpress???

Don't worry to work with Wordpress. Wordpress is easy CMS.

Just goto, Link.

Here, they explained, Where you can download Wordpress, How to create Database, How to connect database with Wordpress, like more...

step by step install WAMP Server for beginners on windows 7, on windows 8, on windows XP

Are you Beginners for WAMP Server?

Just go to Here: Step to Install

You may use any windows. ( Like Window 7, window 8, Windows XP )

Here, they explained step-by-step for "How to install WAMP Server?".

WAMP server means,

W-> Windows
A -> Apache Server
M -> My-SQL DB
P -> PHP

In Steptoinstall website, they not only explained "installation of wamp server", They are solving Installation Errors and problems.